Research Translation

I dive into research. You reap the solutions. There is a gap between the knowledge gained through research and its application in practice. I have supported a wide range of clients in bridging this divide. From femtech and mental health software to digital marketing companies and nonprofits—I specialize in distilling intricate research into accessible solutions tailored to your business needs.

Learning Experience Design

We are wired for perpetual learning. I help your organization leverage this. There is a science to how we learn and I have relied on it to design learning experiences for clients from all corners of the world. From developing a course for thousands of learners at a healthcare organization to revamping an educational script for a film production company—I have spent years researching, developing, and designing hundreds of learning solutions.

Science and Creative Writing

I get lost in books. You get the stories. There is a multitude of stories waiting to be told. I have helped unearth a few of them. From writing science for a YouTube channel with more than 10 million subscribers to developing a narrative of an indie game—I craft each word to reflect either the research behind science writing or the originality of creative musings.

Wishing to elevate your learning culture?